stray sod

The Stray Sod

Bafflement, pure bafflement, pure and holy bafflement, 

It’s the way we were brought up sure,


Nobody’s baffled anymore, 

Everything’s crystal, crystal clear.


In Irish folklore ‘the stray sod’ carries a mythological notion that once stepped on bad luck will soon follow, all familiar surroundings disappear and  the road that you were on now gone. 


Your senses will have been overtaken with a heightened faculty of observation which can only result in the unnamable – cosmic loneliness.  The only way to break the spell is to turn your jumper outside in. Everything is perceived to be different, that was then and this is now.  It’s ok to wear your jumper inside out.

Cement, plaster, wood, rope, clay, bog cotton, oil paint on canvas.